It’s the Last 25% Percent That Counts

All Purpose Staffing blog

by: Paul Azzaro, Managing Partner

Several years ago, I attended the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner in New York City. The featured speaker was a Cardinal who told the following story. When he was assigned to the Archdiocese of Connecticut, he was asked to be the commencement speaker at Fairfield University, a Jesuit University in Connecticut. Not being a Jesuit, he was reluctant to accept but did despite that. He started his speech by citing many of his Jesuit experiences and characteristics finishing his introduction assuring the audience and the dais he felt these characteristics made him 75% Jesuit. It was a this point the president of the university stood up, leaned in to the microphone and said, “It’s the last 25% that counts.”

At All Purpose Staffing, we know it’s the last 25% of the process that makes the difference between a successful connection and an unsuccessful one. It’s the last 25% where experience feedback is collected, analyzed and acted upon. We focus 100% or our attention on the last 25%, which is what we consider to be the period of client and employee engagement where the rubber meets the road and the sooner you realize your car is hydroplaning the quicker adjustments can be made to avoid an unpleasant ending. Despite best efforts during the 75% of the process where clients request help and employees are connected to those employers, forecast results are not always what were expected, sometimes for the employer and sometimes for the employee. That’s where 25% that counts comes in to play, post connection engagement with our employee and employer help to deliver a better experience for all. It’s the last 25% that requires the most focus and due diligence for an agency whose goal is long term satisfaction for both employee and employer, it’s the APS way, 100% of the time.