Solutions-based Staffing 

by: Paul Azzaro, Managing Partner

During the middle of the supply chain crisis that plagued business and industry in 2021, APS had a client who needed to ramp up production for the high-volume portion of their year. Generating the additional production on the one shift they were running would have required the purchasing of additional equipment which, due to global supply chain issues, would have been very challenging given the lack of availability of the equipment needed.

APS worked with our client in crafting a part-time shift which enabled our client to meet their production goals without the additional expense of additional equipment or overtime costs. One of the key components was setting the second shift time up to coincide with the time we knew most first shifts ended, this allowed for those people looking for extra hours to be able to commute from their first job to our clients and effectively “bolt on” an additional 5 hours to their workday. This program was so successful it has become part of our client’s seasonal program which has led to the return of most of the workforce.

At All Purpose Staffing we pride ourselves on connecting employees to employers by listening to our clients and our employees we can best identify opportunities where both of these important partners can thrive.