Mission Statement and History

Mission Statement

All Purpose Staffing’s mission is to contribute to the business community by filling a need for workers on a contingent or permanent basis. Our company will provide businesses with high-caliber employees available for project or permanent work. We will also provide workers with a safe and independent environment. All Purpose Staffing listens to individual needs and customizes personnel solutions for both its client’s business and worker with the highest level of service available to the marketplace.

Our History

The founders of APS were determined to supply quality employment services to the industrial business community and other types of businesses. APS effectively utilizes the latest industry technology, allowing us to run efficiently so our clients don’t have to pay for the operating costs overstaffed competitors have to pass through to their clients. It is the hallmark of our win-win philosophy of Quality Service at Industry Best Rates.

All Purpose Staffing’s Jacksonville, Florida-based agency has built a satisfied client base and a portfolio of well-qualified workers from helpers and assistants to management professionals in all industries and businesses. Not only do APS workers have the tools and skills required, but they also possess the experience needed to use them.

At APS, we verify the background and work history of our applicants, from industrial skilled personnel to administrative and professional personnel. Each applicant is thoroughly screened, tested, briefed, and placed in to positions according to previous training and experience. We also factor in their personal capabilities and talents for the type of job they are applying for.

The concept of quality employees providing quality work at a fair rate is what All Purpose Staffing is all about. When our employees are satisfied, we know our clients will be similarly satisfied.


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