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Providing staffing solutions for employers in Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale & Orlando, Florida, as well as Atlanta, Georgia.

Contingent Staffing Needs

Does your business have a busy season? When work picks up, don’t spend extra time and money hiring employees for short periods of time. Using employees from All Purpose Staffing eliminates the burden of the hiring process. Our staff is ready at your doorstep when you need it most.


Staffing Services for Any Period of Time

If you find yourself facing a need for contingent staffing, we are happy to help you fill the position with a qualified employee who is ready for the job. From maternity leave to extended medical care, there are a variety of reasons why an employee would need to take time off from work and in these situations, using employees from All Purpose Staffing will help ensure work is still completed correctly and on time. Our trained and skilled employees are available to fit several different employment needs.

In-Depth Staff Recruitment Services

Finding the right employee for can be difficult. With all the things you must do during the day, you simply may not have time to complete the search and hiring process. Our team members are here to take this load off your shoulders. Whether you need a skilled labor worker or additional staff for short-term project, count on us to find the right person for the job, you will find All Purpose Staffing serves the needs of businesses across several industries.


Professional and Ready to Help

Turn to a team you can trust at All Purpose Staffing. Our staff members are workman’s comp insured, liability insured, and fully trained to meet the needs of the job. We always use personal evaluations to ensure that each of our employees provides personal attention and commitment to your company. Please contact us at for more information about your staffing needs.


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