Partnerships with a Purpose

Atlanta Staffing Company partnership

“One finger cannot lift a pebble.” Hopi proverb

At All Purpose staffing, partnerships are the foundation of our business, and we recognize the need for partnering with organizations beyond the confines of the typical client and employee relationships commonly thought of in the staffing industry. We recently had the opportunity to partner with an organization dedicated to assisting people reentering the workforce as part of their mission statement. Coincidentally we were working with a new client looking to fill several positions that typically would have been of the high turnover variety, so we took the opportunity to speak with our client about trying a pilot program in one of their Atlanta, Georgia locations using employees from this program. The results were so positive our client asked us to increase the scope of the program to their other locations where we had similar success.

We have rolled this program out to other clients who needed larger numbers of reliable and dedicated people and have continued to see benefits of this collaboration for all the involved parties. This success is another example that at All Purpose Staffing we recognize partnerships take many different forms, the importance of being open-minded, and working with clients who are also willing to think outside the box. These three components when working in concert create a powerful formula for successful solutions for our clients staffing needs and our employees’ goals.